The overall aim of the event is dedicated to multifaceted exploration of the concept of time. We try to visualize it, we try to listen to it, we try to understand it and we try to feel it. Sometimes it runs too fast and some other times it stands still. What does it mean “to have time” and “not to have time”. What constitutes our individual past, present or future? And what about a collective? These questions are not new, they have been around since people started to distinguish between “before” and “after”. We don’t have a dedicated bodily organ that is responsible for perceiving time, and that’s why it is so difficult to capture. Physicists would claim that there is no time. But somehow it keeps on being present in our daily lives.

We dedicate this event to celebration of the concept of time, be it even a persisting illusion. We would like to invite you on this journey with us – to explore the nature of time, to get inspiration and to inspire in return.

Our exploration will take place in variety of domains:

– how time is present in movies

– what role time plays in a theater play

– how artists conceptualize, visualize or interpret time

– what psychologists have discovered about the subjective time and what physicists have to say about it

– how does time sound in music

– etc.