Video Posters

We all experience this. You spent a lot of time and effort in doing your research, creating charts and figures, writing your text as concise as possible. Have a wonderful looking poster made and then the organization of the conference stows the posters presentation away in the darkest basement they can find. Where only the bravest of the visitors dare to go.

We do it differently! We present your poster all around the conference. Because we ehh.. well.. don’t want them to be posters. We ask you to present your poster as a short movie. Using Powerpoint, or whatever other program you want to use. Use sheets, pictures, sound, video, animations. Record your own little TED talk and we will create loops of all the movies in categories. So people can watch the presentations about the areas they are interested in. Like:

  • TP in organizational settings
  • TP in health and clinical settings
  • TP fundamental research
  • other ideas and applications of time and temporality

Of course there are a few rules. The most important one is: the video can last 5 minutes maximum. And of course we will scan them for subliminal messages. For more information about how to create videos and our preferred setting, look here.


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