Work / project groups

You started a project, but your team is located in different places all over the world? So you would really appreciate time and space to get together and discuss the practicalities of your project and move it forward finally? Then this form of activity is for you – it is an opportunity to get together with the people you know already and maybe get some new people on board, present the current status of the project, decide what are the next steps will be and who is doing what and when.

A: already existing project

What to submit:

  • short project description (include a link to any info about it online)
  • who are already in it and who from the team is coming to Copenhagen
  • what’s the stage / status of the project
  • what are you planning to do discuss during your meeting, are you open to new people to join the project, what type of competencies are your looking for from people who can join you


B: project idea

What to submit:

  • short description of the project you have in mind
  • for whom it might be of interest?
  • why it is important?
  • who are you looking for to join your project?
  • how long do you think your project can last?

Prepare a max. 3 minutes pitch of your project idea for the pitching session on the first day of the conference.


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